Presentation of models

We bought a building and divided it into 3 different lofts range from 150 to 250 square meters. spy video cameras were hidden in every of these rooms.

In this page you’ll find an overview of the different girls that can be found in our lofts. about 50 presentation videos are available so you can easily choose the ones you want and join them in any of the rooms, which are hotter than ever... enjoy your visit...

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  • nickname : ANITA
    age : 23
    breast : D
    height : 172 cm

    Equipped with 2 massive thermal charges, I’m about to launch the whole stuff. Young, blond, fresh and wild, nobody will escape. I’m totally available ! For those fond of heavy and massive tits…

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  • nickname : ANNABEL
    age : 22
    breast : B
    height : 169 cm

    I’m a gorgeous blond girl ready for action since I’ve been a single. Indeed, I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and I now want to know what it feels to live every day as it was the last one…

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  • nickname : ARAMEA
    age : 20
    breast : B
    height : 165 cm

    I usually invite men in my apartment and I have no limit and go out of control when I start a sex session… A regular client pays me a visit today, I need to prepare both mentally and physically, the guy has a monster cock…

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  • nickname : BEATRICE
    age : 28
    breast : B
    height : 170 cm

    I took a shower then went to the dressing but could not find my cardigan… The only piece left was a feather boa but this doesn’t hide much and I have no choice but showing my gorgeous body…

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  • nickname : BELLA
    age : 25
    breast : B
    height : 175 cm

    I put my bikini right away when I arrived in the apartment. I’m so horny people can’t believe it… I really know how to make you feel good and I impresse every of my sex partners… I’m on fire…

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  • nickname : BROOK
    age : 27
    breast : B
    height : 166 cm

    What a surprise to land here ! A friend of mine advised me to make the most of the opportunity and to use my trump card : my body… I’m so excited

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Remark : the girls don’t know the exact number of video cameras, which enables you to « spy upon » them in their daily life (sunbed room, lounge, in front of the computer when we manage to catch the video stream of the girl’s webcam...).
They’re all at least 18 years of age and can easily go from one loft to another.
Some of them are really relaxed while some rookies still wonder who's spying upon them... life in the x-loft never stops, it’s 24/7